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Thanks for joining us on the Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Vol. 16 “Blog Tour Road Rally!” This issue just went on sale, and we’re celebrating!

We’re thrilled to see these “awesome sauce” blocks using Hoffman Fabrics created by three talented designers:

Block #1507, “Living Flame,” is designed by Swan Amity, who used our Bali Watercolors (our Style 1895 mottled blender series) hand-dyed in Bali.

Fantastic curves, right?! Swan is a popular pattern designer. We’re delighted by the fact that she often selects Hoffman Bali Batiks to create her quilts.

Block #1524, “Quarter Star,” is designed by Anelie Belden, who chose Hoffman’s modern Indah Batiks produced under the Me+You brand. We love the graphic one-two punch of her block!

Anelie is an in-demand instructor and designer known for her fresh take on the classic Dresden quilt. She is the author of “Thoroughly Modern Dresden” and has taught her technique on “The Quilt Show” with Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims.

Block #1535, “Icicle Burst,” is designed by Tiffany Hayes, who mixed Hoffman Bali Watercolors and Me+You’s Indah Batiks. Bravo, Tiffany! We love the movement of your block.

Tiffany is a prolific quilter and pattern designer who works at a quilt shop. You can also find her on Craftsy.

Hoffman Fabrics has designed and produced authentic batiks made by hand in Bali for more than 30 years! Our facility in Bali is equipped with a treatment system that cleans the rinsewater of exhausted dyes and wax after the batiking process. The water is clear and tested to be at a neutral pH before it’s released to the environment.

Speaking of treating, can we treat you to a fat-quarter bundle of Hoffman Bali Batiks? Express yourself as a “Hoffman Bali Girl” or “Hoffman Bali Boy” on our Facebook page with #quiltmaker100blocks. We’ll select six posters at random and send you our batiks to take out for a spin!

Thank you for visiting us!


Hoffman & World Water Day http://www.hoffmanfabrics.com/hoffman-world-water-day/ Tue, 22 Mar 2016 01:13:12 +0000 http://hoffmanfabrics.com/?p=15908 Ever think about where all the exhausted dyes and wax from batiking ends up?

We do. And we did something about it 15 years ago.

March 22 is World Water Day launched by the United Nations in 1993 to bring attention to the need for clean water and its safe delivery around the world.

Today gives us a chance to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the multi-cistern, water-treatment system at Hoffman Fabrics’ batik factory in Bali. The system represents the company’s investment in good stewardship and sustainability, as it cleans rinsewater from the batiking process of all exhausted dyes and wax before the water is returned to the environment.

Marty Hoffman inspecting the water-treatment system at Hoffman Fabrics' batik factory in Bali.

Marty Hoffman inspecting the water-treatment system at Hoffman Fabrics’ batik factory in Bali.

When we say clean, we mean clean and at a neutral pH. See for yourself in our water treatment video shot at our Bali batik factory that’s known by local villagers as “the Hoffman House.”

Yes, we do take pride in the fact that we’re the only quilt-industry manufacturer that made a quarter-million-dollar investment in modern water-treatment equipment. First and foremost, we did it “because it was the right thing to do,” said Marty Hoffman, who oversees operations at the Bali factory. “We are invested not only in producing the best batik fabric for quilters but also in the local village whose residents are longtime employees.”

We’re also delighted to be involved with another clean water cause via the nonprofit Little Dresses for Africa. Quilters and sewists volunteer via chapters in all 50 states, giving their time, effort and materials to make dresses for girls and young women representative of the vulnerable class in Africa and other countries.

One of the goals of LDfA’s just launched The Big Dinner fundraiser is to build wells in 12 villages in Africa. A nearby well makes it possible for children to attend school rather than spend most of their day carrying water, explained founder and director Rachel O’Neill.

Hoffman Fabrics is donating a percentage of sales from its upcoming Samba digitally printed quilting cottons collection to Little Dresses for Africa. Look for Samba to start arriving at quilt shops and other independent Hoffman retailers this summer. Visit LDFA Connect to learn more about The Big Dinner and how you can participate in this “one night only” event on Nov. 12.

Introducing our newest European distributor: Patchwork Promotions http://www.hoffmanfabrics.com/introducing-our-newest-european-distributor-patchwork-promotions/ Mon, 29 Feb 2016 23:01:22 +0000 http://hoffmanfabrics.com/?p=15655 Hoffman Fabrics is proud to announce our partnership with European distributor Patchwork Promotions. Patchwork Promotions is based out of the Netherlands but has a heavy presence throughout Europe and the UK. Hoffman Fabrics has a strong international following and we hope that this partnership will make it even easier for our loyal customers to find Hoffman Fabrics at their local quilting and fabric shops. According to Patchwork Promotions’ website:

“Patchwork Promotions is a wholesale company for patchwork products with a large and clean warehouse. We are as a wholesale company, not just active in the Netherlands, but we have customers throughout Europe. With 20 sales representatives who cover all of Europe we keep close contact with all our customers. Furthermore, we are present at national and international trade fairs.”

Patchwork Promotions is represented by Ada Honders. She can be reached at a.honders@patchworkpromotions.eu or via the company at:

Patchwork Promotions
Rondven 42a
NL-6026 PX Maarheeze
The Netherlands
Tel. +31 (0)40 221 21 84
Fax. +31 (0)40 25 13 888
Email: info@patchworkpromotions.eu

Are You Indah Pops … and sustainability? :) http://www.hoffmanfabrics.com/indahpops/ Sun, 15 Nov 2015 08:33:53 +0000 http://www.hoffmanfabrics.com/?p=13790 FullSizeRender 2 copy 6

Indah Pops from the Me+You line. These 2-1/2-inch-wide Pops each feature 40 different hand-dyed solids and modern batiks. Offered in 636-Simple (brights) or 637-Plain (neutrals).

No surprise that Hoffman’s new Me+You brand and its line of Indah Solids & Batiks have set a high bar for hand-dyed quilting fabrics. The batik processes employed at our factory in Bali are second-to-none when it comes to making the world’s best hand-dyed solids and modern batiks. Me+You is designed for those who seek unsurpassed quality, exciting and fresh colors, and artistic textures for their modern and contemporary-style quilt projects.


Batikers at the “Hoffman House” in Bali.

Our process in Bali is thoughtful, conscientious and sustainable. We start with the highest-quality greige (aka gray) goods (100% cotton fabric) that is ready to be given life with color. We then hand-dye each piece of fabric with our color-rich formulas. To create our batiks, the artisans at our factory engrave a metal stamp for each design. Next, the batiker dips the stamp (aka “chop”) in hot wax and stamps the fabric to create the batik. The wax is then melted off in hot water. We recycle the leftover wax to be used again in another design.


Next, our fabric spends some time in the Balinese sunshine to bring out the richest colors. As the fabrics sunbathe, the rinse water with exhausted dyes and bits of wax is run through a modern water-filtration system. The water runs through a series of filters and cisterns. Once the water is clean and at a natural pH level (yes, we test it), the water can be released into the environment. This is Hoffman’s Planet Positive effort to keep our world healthy.


Rolls of hand-dyed Indah Solids & Batiks.

We are excited to continue the growth of our Me+You line of hand-dyed solids and batiks for quilters and home sewists. At Fall Quilt Market in Houston, we introduced a pair of Indah Pops (2-1/2-inch strips) and a trio of Indah Fats (fat-quarter bundles).

QM1550-COVER-125pxWe’re also delighted at the opportunity to host an “issue giveaway” of Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Vol. 12. We always look forward to each 100 Blocks issue and see what inspires quilters in their block-making! For your chance at the newest issue, leave a comment letting us know what inspires you about our Me+You line of Indah Solids & Batiks, and what you might make with the fabrics (or the precuts). We’ll pick a comment at random at noon PST on Friday and the poster gets the issue!

Simply Eclectic Preview http://www.hoffmanfabrics.com/simply-eclectic-preview/ Thu, 08 Oct 2015 19:01:02 +0000 http://hoffmanfabrics.com/?p=13846 Introducing 
Simply Eclectic

Hoffman Fabrics proudly announces the launch of its partnership with popular DIY blogger and home decor expert KariAnne Wood of Thistlewood Farms. KariAnne and Hoffman will be releasing her debut collection that offers just the right mix of effortless style and sophistication.

See it in person at the
Fall Quilt Market in Houston
October 24-26
Booth #1343

H20 Preview http://www.hoffmanfabrics.com/h20-preview/ Tue, 29 Sep 2015 16:05:40 +0000 http://hoffmanfabrics.com/?p=13812



The possibilities of a beautiful rainy day in 23 perfect hues of our newest blender collection.

See it in person at the
Fall Quilt Market in Houston
October 24-26
Booth #1343


The History of Quilting http://www.hoffmanfabrics.com/the-history-of-quilting/ Fri, 04 Sep 2015 18:09:29 +0000 http://www.hoffmanfabrics.com/?p=13692 Photo via loveoffelt.com

Photo via loveoffelt.com

Quilting was said to have dated back somewhere between the first century B.C. and the second century A.D. The practice originated out of purpose, creative release and communication. Quilting had part in creating the industry of fabric and the production and desire for new colors, patterns and designs.

Looking back to the beginning of fabric, history explains that quilting began with rags and left over food bags being sewed together for warmth and comfort, but quilts are more than just warm blankets.

The Hmong people indigenous of China, Laos, Thailand, Myanmar, and Vietnam did not have a language until 50 short years ago. It was their rich traditions, knowledge of constant immigration and culture that survived because of the stories they incorporated into their quilts and authentic long coats.

Halfway across the world in Chile, Peru political unrest creating violence and censorship left the country dangerous and women without rights by means of communication and freedom. Quilts became the voice of women and Peru’s hope for change as the quilts were smuggled out of the country to compel other countries to help. These quilts show gruesome stories of protests, lost relatives and violence.

In Africa, weaving reed strips began the process that soon turned into quilting. But the African people used their quilts for means of recognition during hunting parties or to ware off other tribes from their territory. These quilts had large shapes and bright patterns making them easy to spot and clear to understand. They put breaks in their patterns to ward off evil spirits that were known to travel in straight lines and diamond shapes to mimic the cycle of life; birth, life, death, and rebirth. Fast-forward hundreds of years to the time of slavery, quilts again made an appearance by communicating messages of safe refuge houses, and showed escape routes to the hopeful members of the Underground Railroad.

Today in America we see quilting as a traditional hobby and communal activity. But let us not forget the world altering accomplishments that quilting has been apart of throughout time.





Paper Rose Revised Template http://www.hoffmanfabrics.com/paper-rose-revised-template/ Wed, 08 Jul 2015 00:53:10 +0000 http://hoffmanfabrics.com/?p=12874 To err is human, and we hope you’ll be so divine to forgive this mistake. Here is a revised template for Paper Rose, a paper-pieced pattern designed by Mixi Heart that makes a pillow (or mini quilt). Paper Rose is offered as a Hoffman Fabrics’ Open & Sew kit that includes the template, pattern instructions and Hoffman Bali Batiks. For you quilters who purchased this kit (either in the Pink or Lavender color way) from a Hoffman retailer, here is the revised template: Mixi Heart Paper Rose template_NEW.

Paper Rose_Open & Sew kits


Hoffman launches first new logo since 1976 http://www.hoffmanfabrics.com/hoffman-launches-first-new-logo-since-1976/ Mon, 20 Apr 2015 00:56:09 +0000 http://hoffmanfabrics.com/?p=12548  

New brand mark captures the essence of “the California look”

Hoffman Fabrics launches a new logo, the first change to its well-recognized brand mark since 1976.  Over a span of nearly 40 years, the now-retired Hoffman logo rose to iconic status in the textile industry, representing consistently high quality and innovation.  The new logo is only the third version of its brand mark since the company was founded in 1924 as Hoffman California Woolens by Rube P. Hoffman.

Hoffman California-International Fabrics is one of North America’s oldest operating wholesale textile converters.  The new brand mark is designed to evoke Hoffman’s earliest days as a trailblazer, particularly its significant role in helping establish the Los Angeles textile and garment industries and designing fabrics with “the California look.”

As a consistent innovator in the fabric industry for over 91 years, Hoffman Fabrics can lay claim to being a visionary pioneer in many facets of the business, many of which are now considered standard practices today,” said Tony Hoffman, company president.  “As the Hoffman Company moves into the next generation, we have recommitted ourselves to advancing our level of innovation and design. We also want to create the highest possible level of customer satisfaction that results in preferences for Hoffman products over those of our competitors.

“At Hoffman, we believe our brand lives in the minds of our customers,” said Peter Ashworth, chief operating officer.  “The Hoffman brand must be viewed from the perspective of the customer’s experience, and must create a clear definition that is embraced by our customers, and aligned with their buying preferences and needs.”

“Our new icon represents a contemporary approach and excellence in execution, while maintaining a classic view that keeps the true essence of Hoffman culture, style and design,” Ashworth said.  “Our new logo represents our brand and is an identifiable entity that makes specific promises of value delivered to our clients and customers across multiple national and global markets, time zones, and individual customer creative preferences.

Catching up with Hailey Hoffman post Fall Quilt Market 2015 http://www.hoffmanfabrics.com/catching-up-with-hailey-hoffman-post-fall-quilt-market-2015/ Mon, 30 Mar 2015 03:19:42 +0000 http://hoffmanfabrics.com/?p=14728 IMG_5041

Q: Explain how you fit into the Hoffman family tree.

A: The Hoffman Family Tree. I get this question a lot. So Grandpa Rube started Hoffman Fabrics in 1924. He is my great grandfather. Grandpa Rube had two sons, Philip or “Flippy” and Walter. Walter is my grandfather. He and my grandma have four kids and the youngest is my mom, Robin. My mom and her brother, Tony are CFO and CEO. I have now entered the business as the fourth generation along with Tony’s son and my favorite cousin, Aaron. I am incredibly excited to be here and am so grateful for this opportunity to learn textiles from the best of the best.

Q: When was your first Quilt Market?

A: I first went to the International Quilt Market in Portland in 2014. I went with my mom and grandfather to casually walk the show and then travel through Oregon seeing family-friends. I think this was their secret plan to slowly introduce me to the home-sewing industry, and now that I look back on it, seeing the show in Portland helped prepare me for my first market as a member of the team. This year, 2015 in Houston was my first market working, and by working I mean everything from planning the booth displays five months ago to getting the sales reps coffee as they furiously wrote orders!

Q: Explain the amount of preparation for this 2015 Quilt market in Houston.

A: Preparation. Big word. There was lots of it. We brainstormed ways to associate emotion with the fabric lines that we were launching in Houston to create fun displays. We came up with ways to foster our relationship with the retail stores and packed gift boxes for them. We came up with fun and inspiring bundles and project kits to sell at sample spree. We spent hours in Home Depot buying the materials we needed to pull off the displays. We labeled water bottles so everyone at market could drink Hoffman H2O inspired by our H2O fabric line that was released. We packed crates and over-stuffed suitcases and we were on our way. I took on Quilt Market as my number one responsibility and I had some big goals to accomplish. I want the world to see Hoffman on a new level. The only way for this to happen is to prepare with big dreams and to keep preparing and progressing as each day passes.

Q: What were you most excited for?

A: I was most excited to see our customer’s faces when they received their appreciation kit this year. I took so much pride in packing the appreciation kits, and I wanted it to feel like Christmas morning every time I gave one out. Hoffman was sporting new booth signs this year, so we made a little beach arrow Hoffman sign that looked like ours for all of the stores to take home. This, along with other small goodies in the gift box, was our first step in strengthening our partnership with the stores, and I was so pleased to see the smiles on their faces. My dreams came true as I gave our appreciation kits at the completion of an order.


Q: What did you fear most?

A: What did I fear most? Hmm, my biggest fear was that I wouldn’t be taken seriously by our salesforce. I was aware that I was the new kid on the block, and the sales team would be meeting me in person for the first time. I wasn’t just at Quilt Market to learn or help out; I was at Quilt Market in a big way. I was there to build friendships with our salesreps so that they know I am on their side. I was there to make a splash with new and different ideas in booth design and aesthetic taste. I was there to sell the heck out of fabric at Sample Spree and allow for the School Houses to run smoothly. I was there to speak directly to the salesforce about the bright future of our family business and most importantly, I was there to be a Hoffman. Now, I look back and wonder why I was worried, but at the same time I am grateful for the acceptance our salesforce showed me.

Q: What were some of your favorite looks (besides Hoffman of course)?

A: Well yes, I will always believe that Hoffman has the best and most sophisticated look of all, but that would be biased. I saw an amazing quilt in Dear Stella’s booth, and that brand had some very cute lines of Fabric. I thought Art Gallery had an amazing presence with having the actual artist and designer of the fabric line sit and paint canvases that looked exactly like the prints. The one artist, Bari J, had an amazing look and talent about her, and it was like watching the fabric come to life as she painted. I enjoyed seeing the different looks of designers and the technical side of the industry with sewing machines and engineered technology to make quilting easier. Overall, I really enjoyed exploring the other parts of our industry.

Q: What would you say to those who didn’t attend this most recent Quilt Market?

A: To those of you who are storeowners that don’t attend Quilt Market: YOU ARE MISSING OUT. BIG TIME. It would be in your best interest to take the time to come to Market. Not only are there some amazing show specials on price and freight fees, but you also get to see all your reps in one fell swoop. You can’t ask for more, this ultimately saves you money and time in your store that you would need to allocate to a meeting with your rep. And let me tell you, there are some hefty deals to be had. Second, it’s unreal to feel the energy of our industry in one giant room. People are inspiring each other, booths are captivating and just gorgeous, and the talent that is expressed is jaw dropping. The schoolhouses and classes that you can take throughout market are avenues that will only help you grow your business, and the networking with other storeowners, brand partners and creators is really the icing on the cake. Think twice about joining us in Salt Lake City, Utah in May. It is 100% worth every penny and every minute. I look forward to meeting you, and if you have any questions email me at hailey@hoffmanfabrics.net !